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"We move the loads so you don't have too"


Ai Express Trucking is a global transportation network with a vision into the future. While hauling over-the-road freight across the entire country. Derrick, foresaw the growth of our roadway system, the need for shipping  and hauling companies and the value in multimodal and logistics solutions to get goods where they need to be. The General Freight Trucking (Truckload) industry is engaged in the full, single-load, long-distance and local transportation of palletized commodities by van trailer or container.

Derrick built his company with the intent and experience of serving customers with excellence and innovation. 


Our Services


Single - Load Moving

We specialize in moving partial loads anywhere nationwide. Your cargo is always properly secured and insured. At Destination your cargo items are delivered at drop points designated by you.

Long Distance Moving

We specialize in urgent transportation—no problem is too challenging, and we get your product where it needs to be, as fast as possible.We pay special attention to the safety of our drivers and hauled cargo. We make sure your freight gets moving, quickly finding reputable drivers to move your goods. 


Local Transportation

AI Express Trucking provides exceptional trucking services to its customers, partners and brokers across the whole country. Our experienced and responsible drivers will ensure safe and timely transportation of cargo, while our maintenance team will make sure all trucks are running smoothly. Moreover, with professional dispatchers like ours there will never be a question about trucks' efficiency and profitability.


(904) 674-2494

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